Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chapter 1: The Iron Realm

Welcome to The Iron Realm - a fantasy Roleplaying Game (RPG) podcast.  The Iron Realm is a life-and-death adventure rendered in the finest tradition of oldschool table top gaming.  The Iron Realm is a no-holds-barred dungeon crawl where the characters live or die on the roll of the dice.  Due to the dark and deadly nature of the podcast, The Iron Realm is intended for mature audiences.

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The following podcast is not intended for younger audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

The Iron Realm.

When all Planes of Existence fall to ash, there is only one realm that remains. The Iron Realm! Before you in all directions, deep in the dark, there lies the maze. The Iron Realm! Millions of miles of corridors, caves, and tunnels without end. This is the ultimate dungeon. Orcs! Goblins! Kobolds! Trolls! Ready your sword, your spells, your crossbow, your Warhammer. The Iron Realm! Keep close your companions, for they are your only hope for survival. Elf. Fighter. Wizard. Cleric. There are no rerolls. There is no way out. Yet here, in the dark, if any of the merciful gods still remain, you may find the strength you need to fight, the cunning you need to hide, and the luck you need to stay alive… just a little longer.


Get your dice and graph paper - and be sure to bring your friends. I’ll see YOU in the Realm.

There be dragons here.

Summary: What is The Iron Realm?  The goal of the adventure is discussed.  Stats are rolled up for the seven characters: Elf, Wizard, Halfling, Rogue, Fighter, Dwarf, and Cleric.

Of Special Note: The Maze Master discusses the virtues of tabletop gaming and the ideal awareness for playing with friends.

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