Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Chapter 47: Mission in the Maze

Summary: Maruk has returned and he gives his evil plan to the King. The Tribe makes plans to negotiate for the release of the human priestess, Celeste.

Of Special Note: Nym the Unicorn Girl has her profile and backstory detailed on Iron Personas. The details for running a combat on tonight's Secrets segment.

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The following audio by Ashley Eddy was used during Tribal Matters:
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The following selection by Ashley Eddy was sampled for use during Real Roleplay:

A custom recording for The Iron Realm Podcast by Ashley was also used during tonight's Iron Personas.

I edited tracks for volume, length, pitch, and mood.
(find Ashley Eddy and listen to the clips in full at freesound.org)
Click here to visit her page

Ashley Eddy's aforementioned audio is included in accordance with Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

My thanks as well for all audio featured under the cc0 license on tonight's podcast.

The Iron Realm is intended for adult audiences. Listener Discretion is advised. The Iron Realm album art/website art was created from a public domain image from PixaBay. Audio on the podcast, unless otherwise noted, has either been created by the author or has been used in accordance with the Creative Commons Zero license. The Iron Realm Podcast is released 1d4 times per month and is a labor of love. Enjoy and support the show. And fare ye well, traveler of the maze, in the light and in the dark. Thank you.

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